Deliver Your Hog & Hog Hire


Our all new service – Deliver your Hog -

Imagine a service where you literally dial  for a take away Hog Roast and not a sandwich but a full pig!? It may take a little longer than ordering a pizza but its the same principle.  Take the work out of the whole cooking and set up process but you take the glory from your guests when carving it up.

When we cook our pigs, we leave our pigs at the end of the cooking process for 30-60mins so the meat can rest and soak in those lovely juices, tenderising the meat, this is vital.

This is our delivery window, any further in time and we wrap the pigs in special heat proof jackets holding the heat in as long as possible so the meat is still pipping hot when the skin is removed. We probe the pig all the time to check the temperature.

Great for..

  • ..Parties where acsess is limited and space is at a premium
  • ..Where a Hog Roast is perfect but don’t want the whole show
  • ..When working to a budget
  • ..For Hotels and functions to offer a Hog Roast Without the layout for the oven and Equipment and insurances etc.
  • ..For keeping the catering in house at Hotels and catering companys who don’t yet offer a Hog Roast.
  • ..When there is no designated cooking facilities on site
  • ..When you want to run your own Hog Roast party but don’t want make a hash of that very important event.

Theres so many benefits to choosing this service, we even leave you a carving tray to work off and you can either drop it off or we’ll come and pick it up.  So simple and fool proof. Please contact either Gerrard on 07984319168 or  James on 07834097210 for a quick quote based on where your delivery is to.

DIY Hog Roast

Time to have some fun!  If cooking a pig and hosting your own Hog Roast party is something youve always fancied doing, then nows your chance!

  • ..We can hire you or your event a Hog/Spit Roaster with or without the pig.
  • ..We can drop off your machine with the pig and pick it up.
  • ..Alternatively, you pick up the machine and drop it off clean, thus reducing the cost.
  • ..We can provide all equipment and advice.
Call Ged 07984 319168 or James 07834 097210 0r Email