The Hog and Apple BBQ Options




Mexican Style chicken breast Fajitas cooked BBQ style with Roast peppers

Chicken Tandoori  Kebabs, marinated overnight served with a yogurt and corriander dressing

Buffalo Chicken wings marinated and cooked in rub

Persian style Chicken thighs and drum sticks served with a Portugese style homemade sauce 

Thai Stle chicken kebabs with a coconut, lemon grass and sweet chilli dressing



Guinness marinated BBQ  DexterRump Steaks

Homemade Long Horn burgers (multiple flavours)

Korean Style Beef short Ribs

Burgundy marinated Beef Kebobs

Slow smoked beef brisket marinated for 48hours in spices



Pork-Baby back ribs cooked Kansas Style with deep southern sauce, rubs and marinate

Sticky ‘Old Spot’Rare Breed Sausages served with a crusty roll

Apple grilled pork Tenderloin kebabs


Grilled mini belly pork’s with spiced apple sauce




Grilled Lamb chops in ‘Sheep dip marinade’

Greek Style Lamb or Shish kebabs

Slow smoked Lamb Shanks in spicy rub

Lamb Shwarma marinated in Lebanese spices served with Chargrilled red peppers, rocket, and flat breads



Thai infused grilled shrimps

Lemon, garlic and honey grilled shrimps

Grilled Salmon with Wasabi ginger glaze

Salmon and mackerel fishcake burger a lemon drizzle




Marinated and lightly Curried Halloumi and pepper kebabs

Corn on the cobs

Roast Mediterranean Vegetable kebabs with feta cheese

Wood fired field mushrooms stuffed with blue cheese and a creamed garlic dressing



The BBQ selections come with a range of our own sauces to compliment that specific option. Choose from the salad and side options to create the perfect BBQ package

Prices start at £9.50 per head.

Please contact for individual prices.

Call Ged 07984 319168 or James 07834 097210 0r Email