The Lamb Roast


“Our lamb roasts really take some beating”


A real treat. Can be a standalone roast for the smaller event or along side a Hog. One lamb will serve approximately 55-65 people so although we are able to provide a smaller hog to cater for this, the lamb roast really lends itself to the smaller occasion.  They are cooked to your liking, simply, with rosemary and olive oil.

The lambs are part of the ‘Kerry Hill Flock’ originating from Wales that have been crossed with the rare Wensleydale lamb. We use lambs that are around 10-12 months old when they become ‘Hoggets’, not little fluffy ones that tug at the heart strings. They are all naturally fed throughout there life.


Our Service

We arrive early for the event giving us plenty of time for setting up plus the time it takes to cook the lamb (2-3 hours). Our timings would revolve around your specific requirements.

Meat prepared as per customer requirements (marinades etc)

Once cooked, the chef will then carve the meat straight from the machine on to the heated carving tray so that it remains piping hot. Sides/salads will be arranged and made available to run alongside the meat if this is what is required.

Meat served with the sauces in sandwiches or plated and once people have finished there first, second or even third portion, we then clear away, tidy up and remove the machine so that you’ll never know we were there.



The Hog and Apple ‘Kerry Hill Flock’ Lamb Roast


1 Full , free range lamb (enough to feed between 50-60)

1 chef and 1 staff member

Freshly baked bread buns from Badger Hill Bakery, York (choice/selection)

Catering Tent, disposable cutlery and tables

Homemade mint sauce and red current jelly

Call Ged 07984 319168 or James 07834 097210 0r Email