The Hog Roast



“This is what we are all about, quality pigs cooked to perfection”


Origin of Pigs:Taste Tradition of Thirsk                                      


Through our good relationships with local farmers, we now offer the tastiest Hog Roast pork on the market so we  supply, Rare breed, Free range hogs . After years of Hog roast expierience, we have found the Gloucester Old Spot, and welsh x produces outstanding results on the spit where the meat is tender, and moist and rammed full of flavour and the crackling, you’ll be dreaming about the crackling weeks after your event. The Hog and Apple is leading the Hog roast revolution and is at the front of the Hog Roast market in our country.



 ’ The Crackling, well you’ll be dreaming about the crackling weeks after your event’





These breeds mature slower, approximately half the rate of a commercial pig, producing a very moist and flavoursome pork. In terms of food provenance, we can provide the full story of the hog and can even arrange for you make a visit to see the animals upon request. We offer Rare breed pigs for our Hog roasts, because they are widley renowned as the best tasting meat imaginable. Ironically, by eating them we are doing our bit to ensuring the survival of these breeds.

                                                                      Our Service

We arrive early for the event giving us plenty of time for setting up, our timings would revolve around your specific requirements and the meat is prepared as per bespoke requirements. (Traditional, Marinades, Rubs)

Once cooked, the chef will then carve the meat straight from the machine on to the heated carving tray so that it remains piping hot and then prepare the crackling. Sides & salads will be arranged and made  available  to  run alongside the meat if this is what is required.

Meat served with chutneys & sauces etc in sandwiches or plated and once people have finished there first, second or even third portion, we then clear away, tidy up and remove the machine so that you’ll never know we were there. Lots of people enjoy having a hog roast as the focal event of their bash however if you want us to be discreet then we will do our best to accommodate.


 The Hog and Apple  Hog Roast


Free Range, Rare breed Pig from Taste Tradition, Thirsk

Selection of fresh bread rolls and wraps (from Mrs.Browns Bakery)


The Hog and Apples full range of Chutneys scotch bonnet spicy and traditional, matured for a minimum of 6 months (made with ingredients from The Hairy fig and The farmers cart)

Homemade Apple sauce

Sage and Onion or Mushroom and Stilton stuffing

All equipment

Disposable cutlery

2 Staff, one for carving, one for serving

Call Ged 07984 319168 or James 07834 097210 0r Email