The Evening Food


“The night is young, and it’s time to relax
and simply enjoy the best day of your live’s”



Meat Roasts, Cooked in our Spit Roast Oven.


Option 1

‘Dexter’ beef wraps cooked with a mustard and herd crust. Served with
homemade horseradish sauce and rocket £550 serves 100-120


Option 2

Kerry Hill’ Lamb wraps, drizzled with olive oil and studded with
rosemary. Served with mint sauce and red currant Jelly £570 serves 60-80


Option 3

Rare breed Rolled pork loin sandwiches with crackling. Served with
stuffing Homemade chutneys, apple sauce and homemade coleslaw £495 serves 100-120

Option 4

The Hog and Apple Hog Roast £600 serves 100-120


These are packages prices. Refer to ‘Hog food’ prices if we are only providing the evening food.

You can add salads selections here to create a simple buffet. Please contact us with your requirements
and we can provide you with a price based on the days food agenda.



The Hog and Apple BBQ


The ultimate ‘Long Horn’ beef burgers (normal, cheese and chili burgers)

Rare breed Sausages

Chicken Breasts Fillets

Chicken wings and drumsticks

 King Prawns

 Salmon Steaks

 Rump Steaks


 Pork Chops

 Lamb chops

 Mixed meat Kebabs with peppers

Corn on the cobs with roasted vegetables



Mix and match as many or as few of the selections above to create a Hog and Apple bbq to remember.

You could choose salads and we’ll create your bbq menu package. Contact us with your requirements
and we can provide you a price.



Keeping it simple



Posh Hot Dogs

Old Spot’ sausages served in a crusty roll with a selection of sauces, condiments and onions.


Bacon Sandwiches with Optional Lettuce and Tomato

The old classic, quality bacon from our meat supplier served in flowery baps with sauces, lettuce and tomato.



Homemade Chips and Cheese Butties


£4 per head if we are catering for the day.


Call Ged 07984 319168 or James 07834 097210 0r Email