The Rib Experience




  The Hog and Apple Street food Rib Experience


(The Slow cooked Pulled Rib wraps and sandwiches)


This is an old school BBQ technique that uses indirect heat from either charcoal or gas to cook the ribs to a point where by all the meat falls from the bones, and everything else has rendered down to create the most juiciest tastiest meat.

At The Hog and Apple, we do a number of Street markets and food fairs, so instead of the Hog Roast, we’ve adapted the ribs to create for an amazing street food experience and the Ultimate sandwich.  This street food type dining is now becoming popular for parties and as an alternative to evening wedding food.


How we do it


Dress the racks of Ribs

Rub the Ribs with our blend of spices

Place into seal-able bags

Add a slash of our marinade

Leave in fridge over night

Remove in morning, drain marinade, add more rub and salt

Place in tin foil parcels

cook at 120 ish for 6-7 hours

Remove the bones and crunch the meat

The Hog and Apple menu Board


All thats left to do now, is choose what sauces and Slaw you are going put on it or maybe, you will dare to go for our Naga Dynamite sauce.


Sauces and condiments


Wimp Sauce- A Kansas style mop, honey based with a hint of Hickory.

Scotch Bonnet Guava Sauce- A sauce with a nice balance of heat and fruitiness

Naga Dynamite Sauce Made with the worlds hottest chillies, a stiff test for hardened sauce fiends-delicious but dangerous


Spicy  Chutney matured for 6 months, a mixture of fruits and heat

H&A Standard Apple Chutney Taken from the Hog Roast side, its a winner at every event


Ginger Slaw with Beetroot and scotch bonnets The perfect accompaniment, loads of fresh ingredients designed to sit with pulled pork.

Standard Slaw with fresh fennel Delicious, fresh fennel used to its full potential here




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